Why we created our own product accelerator

Karl Filtness, Growth Director, partner MEOM

Our mission is to help Finnish product startups multiply their probability of success. That’s why we are launching Finland’s first 100 % product oriented Product Accelerator

We love helping founders on their startup journey. It’s not about the money, the glory or the need to be needed; it really is our passion. We get massive kicks every time we help a founder realise their product vision, hear how their clients are satisfied and get value from the product, or have a successful funding round. We are hooked on a feeling, we want to help more people and do our part in building even more prosperous businesses. 

We have been thinking about how to be more accessible for a larger number of Finnish startups and how to drive them forward. We’ve got the know-how, because we have been in the trenches ourselves, learning from mistakes and improving our methods, trying to find the best way to take an idea and turn it into a successful business. 

Combining tens of years of experience and testing every step of our process with our customers, we have found a framework that works, a systematic process that yields results. We know how to take an idea and turn it into a product that can find product/market fit. We are ecstatic about this and we want to share it to as many founders as possible.

Creating value for Finnish startups

This is the reason we have created our own product accelerator. We want to be accessible to as many startups as possible. We want to share our collective wisdom and help build better products and businesses

Until now, we have been bound by time restraints: we’ve only been able to work with a limited amount of companies. Then there’s the question of money: a startup is always struggling with a tight budget and almost inhumane demands/necessities. Our services have always been valuable, but they’re expensive for a new business. We’ve usually helped a startup with a couple of pressing issues, but not as many as we would have wanted to.

Our product accelerator addresses these clashing conflicts and is the best of both worlds. A startup that is building a product oriented business will get all that they need from us; a framework, the tools, guidance, time, expertise; all at an affordable price. Our goal is to create something that gives you a bang for your buck, and is still highly valuable.

We have deliberately kept the price as low as possible to ensure that this isn’t the deciding factor. Startups can utilise Business Finland’s Innovation Voucher to get access to the 12-week program, and if the company fulfils the criteria for the voucher, you can get the program for “free”. 

It’s all about your customers

You can read more about the Product Accelerator program in detail here, but in a nutshell it covers all the fundamental elements a startup must comprehend. The main focus is systematically understanding the market your product is for and catering for your clients. Your idea is valuable only if your clients think it is valuable

This is the reason the program is customer and market oriented and all about finding your first niche. When you find your first paying customers, this is the foundation that provides traction and enables growth. The program helps build the right product for the right customer.

If growth requires capital, you’ll need investors. For this, you’ll need to demonstrate  interest from customers and understanding of the market. Investors will only consider your idea, if you can prove that your clients think your idea is valuable.

How to secure a spot

[Updated! New batch is starting in September because the Accelerator was a massive success. NPS was 100!]. The accelerator will kick off in April and you can now apply for a spot. To ensure that we are able to provide the best possible guidance, the number of teams are restricted to 10.

The reason there is an application process is simple: we want to be sure that we can help the participating teams and that they’ll benefit from the program. 12 weeks is an intense period and requires dedication from the attendees. 

Read more about the Accelerator and apply for a spot. You’ll be challenged, but you’ll learn like never before. 

Any questions?