Product Accelerator

Multiply your product’s probability of success with MEOM’s 12-week Product Accelerator coaching program. The startup price is only 5000 €. (We accept Innovation vouchers!)

Applying for the Spring 2022 batch is closed. We will be back! If you are interested to participate in the future, please leave an application or contact us directly.

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Summary (TL;DR)

Product Accelerator program

What: Hands-on product coaching

For who: Pre P/MF product startups

Duration: 12 weeks

When: 4.4.2022–22.6.2022

Cost: 5000 €

Location: Where WiFi works

Registering is closed for spring 2022.

”After many years of building and growing a product startup, it is really clear that these things are the most fundamental areas to focus on. Use this MEOM´s recipe for success, it is worth it”

Mikko Matikka
Co-Founder, Head of Product

Weekly Program & Outcomes

The program is 100% product orientated and is based on our experiences on what is the best way to proceed. Startups have raised over 30 million euros of capital with the help of the program and its experts.

The duration of the program is 12-weeks of hands-on virtual coaching, and every week has a specific topic that will progress your product idea and will provide laser focus.

On Monday afternoons, all participating teams gather via Zoom. MEOM will facilitate a 3–5 hour discussion around the weekly topic, describe why this theme is important, and introduce a tangible proprietary tool.

After every session, you are assigned “homework”, with all the necessary materials, to conduct with your team at your own schedule.

Every week, each team will have a 1 hour, hands-on consulting with MEOM’s product experts. You can ask questions, go through problems, get advice or an alternative perspective. Whatever you need to achieve the progress you desire.

Each week builds on the previous and goes through the critical elements of creating a successful product and a business: your future customers want to use the product and are happy to pay for it.

The program is done privately inside your own team to retain confidentiality. You can share your thoughts with the other teams if you wish, but it is possible to be 100% in stealth mode. We want to help you, not hinder you.

Week 1: Foundation & Vision


How to go from idea to MVP

What are the 4 critical product risks and how to tackle them

How to create a product vision


Create a vision statement

Understand your largest risk

Draft first version of Lean Canvas

Outcome: Initial vision statement & business model

Week 2: Early Adopters


What are early adopters and why they are critical for success

How to identify potential early adopters


Create 1–3 potential early adopter segments

Identify people/companies who represent the segments

Outcome: Defined early adopter segments to approach

Week 3: Problem Interviews


Understand why interviews are a must

Discover techniques on how to conduct interviews


Create your own interview document

Conduct at least 3 customer interviews

Outcome: Problem interview kit and first customer leads

Week 4: Positioning and competitors


Analysing competitors: direct and indirect

Understand why positioning convinces customers

Market potential, TAM, and finding your niche


Identify competitors

Start positioning your product

Conduct customer interviews

Outcome: Positioning plan that helps you stand out and carve your own niche

Week 5: Unique Value Propositions (UVPs)


Why do unique value propositions make or break you

How to create UVP’s that resonate with customers and separate you from the competition


Create UVP’s

Test UVP’s with customers (ads, emails, sales calls, etc.)

Outcome: Tested messages that resonate with your early adopters

Week 6: Testing Demand


How to conduct demand tests

What is a Smoke Test

Fake it ‘till you make it


Create demand test

Gather leads

Conduct customer interviews

Outcome: Customer leads from demand test

Week 7: Business Model


Typical business & monetisation models

What is a Go-to-Market strategy (GTM)

Understand low touch/high touch and product-led growth


Review business model and iterate

Create monetisation model

Choose the initial way to approach the market

Outcome: A plan on how to monetise your product and what is the initial approach to the market.

Week 8: Prototyping


What is prototyping and why it’s important

How to use prototyping to address product risks

Utilising service blueprints


Create service blueprint

Understand what product risk to test with prototype

Outcome: Prototype outline and service blueprint that is based on customer needs.

Week 9: Customer Acquisition


How to reach out to early adopters

How to utilise the Marketing Strategy Sprint tool


Create preliminary marketing/sales plan for early adopters

Outcome: Customer leads and sales/marketing strategy for early adopters

Week 10: Creating an MVP


What is an MVP

How to create an MVP

How story mapping helps prioritise the MVP’s features


Create a story map

Prioritise what your MVP will look like

Estimate the resources (time, money, know-how) you need to build your MVP

Outcome: Prioritised MVP outline that is based on customer feedback.

Week 11: Building a successful funding round

Content ( experts)

The funding process

Vital elements of a good pitch deck

How to identify and attract the right investors


Review all of your work from previous weeks

Create first version of your pitch deck

Outcome: Pitch deck to convince investors

9 circles icon

Week 12: Presenting


What is a solution interview?

Teams present their products and get feedback from Liquido and MEOM

Presenting is done privately so startups in stealth mode retain confidentiality!


Test your pitch and improve it

Conduct solution interviews with early adopters

Decide on how to proceed

Outcome: Decide on how to proceed: create proto or MVP, pivot the idea, or call it quits.

For Whom

The Product Accelerator is optimised for digital products that are customer oriented.

A startup that is committed to turning an idea into a serious business is a good fit: You have a vision & desire, but lack the knowledge (currently) of how to create a successful product.

The program is suitable for product startups that haven’t found Product/Market Fit: startups with MVP’s will be accommodated.

The program is intense and requires time. The duration is 12-weeks, so you have to be able to organise your schedule. The weekly kick-off and sparring sessions are fixed, but the rest of the work can be done based on your timetable.

Apply for a future program

We are not accepting applications for our sprint 2022 batch at this time.

If you are interested in attending a future program, please contact us or fill in the required fields about your idea, team, and future roadmap. We will contact you about the details of the next batch.

Why this accelerator instead of another?

We believe, from the bottom of our hearts, that we are the best in Finland when it comes to taking an idea and turning it into an early-stage digital product business.

Focus is on your product.

You will get mentors that build constantly products themselves. This our bread and butter.

Proven Framework

Learn customer-oriented product mindset and capabilities that will benefit you long into the future.

Free tools worth over 40 000 €

Get access to all of our proprietary tools (worth over 30 000 € if you bought them individually).

Support after the program

Our expertise is available after the program – we’ll be there for you if you need help creating your product.

All participants will have the possibility to utilise our proprietary Skeleton App for free. This is an AWS-application creation template that includes services, architecture, and basic back and front end solutions (value 10 000 €).

Building a product is a process. The program will provide you the stepping stones, but this is the beginning. If you require assistance, our product experts are available.

Don’t just take our words for it.
This is what our clients have to say about us:

”When building a new startup, client-focused structure and process is everything. With MEOM´s help, we have been able to start doing right things with the right order straight from the gate.
During our 1-year cooperation, our value has multiplied. I warmly recommend them if you want to level up your capability and the probability for success.”

Roope Kekäläinen
CEO & Founder, LYGG.

”MEOM was very helpful in narrowing down my focus towards answering the main questions that can make or break the idea in hand. I managed to get interesting and important insights that would otherwise be either lost for me, or I would have to learn them the hard way. ”

Dmytro Naumenko
Head of Business Development in Nordic Europe

“I came to MEOM with only an idea of something I wanted to create. Together we tested the concept with a bare minimum product. The following MVP design process was smooth and comprehensive. All in all co-operation has been truly enjoyable!”

Joonas Reenpää
Trashless Oy

“Starting a new startup is a really tricky endeavor. When you have these kinds of experts backing you up with their process your odds of success is much higher. With us it lead to an exit.”

Markus Vekara
CEO, Lehto Raha

”We have been sparring with MEOM for 1 ½ years and they helped us identify our right early adopter segment. The tools and content they provide really help product startups. MEOM has the expertise, the right mindset and they work with a big heart.”

Antti, Aukusti & Kimi
Founders of Lainappi

“I really enjoyed sparring with MEOM and I received excellent questions and practical suggestions. They clearly knew what are the most crucial things in order to succeed in building a killer product. Was great to speak with someone who has practical experience from building apps. ”

Founder of Wowanders

Some growth companies we have worked with:


5 000 € for the full 12-weeks.
We encourage you to investigate, are you eligible to apply for Business Finland’s Innovation voucher (Innovaatioseteli) that would pay for the whole program. You couldn’t come up with better use of it.

Typically, our workshops cost 3 000–8 000 € which is equivalent to the program’s one-week theme. It’s a lot, and this restricts product teams. This is the reason why we created the program: so we can be more accessible to as many startups as possible and fulfill our mission of multiplying the success rate of new product businesses.

After the program

That’s up to you. Obviously, we hope that the program leads to creating a MVP because of high demand.


If you intend to build an MVP or prototype, you can hire a designer and developer and start working. You can also enquire if MEOM can help you if you think that’s the appropriate way to proceed. We have designed dozens of prototypes and coded numerous products.

Raise Capital

If you require capital to start building your product, we can help you by providing access to our partners who specialise in grants and investing.


If you pivot, you have all the tools you need at your disposal – just run the program again with your own team. Occasionally the result can be calling it quits.

Your Coaches

Karl Filtness
Product Accelerator Headmaster

Karl is MEOM’s product & growth consultant, who has over 20 years of expertise in growth from several industries and businesses. His experience ranges from a founder to a listed company’s director.

Karl loves digging into complex concepts and extracting simple, understandable, and usable tools & processes that unlock startups’ growth potential.

Janne Puustinen
Product Business Expert

Janne is MEOM’s CEO and founder, who has founded several product businesses (eg. Brella) and consulted dozens of founders on the secrets of building a successful product business.

Janne’s mission is to help startups multiply their success rate and his passion is to help startups flourish and grow to their full potential.

Jussi Muurikainen (
Growth & Funding Expert

Jussi has worked with Finnish startups and growth companies in numerous roles for 14 years. During his journey, he has been a trusted advisor for dozens of companies.

Jussi is one of the most experienced growth funding experts in Finland. He has been constantly involved in securing various financing solutions for startups since 2008 – matching the right founders with the right investors.

Tom Rantala,
Designer and Product Owner

Tom is a full-stack product designer that has done it all. He has created dozens of prototypes and hundreds of product UI’s that all aim at engaging customers and ensuring they are happy users.

Tom’s guideline is “Good design is good business.” This is the reason everyone loves his sparring sessions: you get something tangible that drives the business forward.

Kristian Tanninen,
Technology Strategy Expert

Kristian is an experienced CTO and tech entrepreneur with over 20 years of track record in the global software business. He has helped startups on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean to build better technologies and accelerate development.

Kristian’s passion is to steer tech enterprises to create new innovations that are changing the way we work and live.


Will there be a new program in the near future?

At the moment, we are working with the Spring 2022 batch of startups. During the spring, we will determine when the next batch will start. If you are interested in attending, please contact us, or fill out the application form. We will be in touch.

We have been working on several of the topics already. Is it worth participating?

Based on our experience, it definitely is worth participating. We have never met a product team, even well-funded ones, that had all the answers and didn’t benefit from going methodologically through the cornerstones again. We promise you’ll get new perspectives and your product will improve.

We have got an MVP. Can we join?

Yes of course! The program helps startups find their Product/Market Fit. If you haven’t achieved this yet, the process will help you identify possibilities and new opportunities that will aid you on this journey. The program focuses on product fundamentals and every product startup should constantly return to them.

I’m a solo founder. Should I join alone?

If you are a sole entrepreneur, we recommend gathering a founding team before entering the program. Building a successful product requires diverse know-how, and having all the elements in one individual is rare. Two people is a team!

How much time do I need to reserve each week?

The weekly commitment required can be divided into two parts: working with us and working independently. The kickoff of the week will be 3–4 hours, usually on Monday between 13.00–17.00. The individual consulting session (1 hour) will be on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The amount of individual work depends on the week, but you should be able to work for at least 5 hours. Some weeks are more taxing, especially when you conduct customer interviews, and you will need more time. This will mount up to 10–20 hours a week, depending on your situation. It is a lot, but creating a product is tough.

How many people per team can participate?

We don’t have any strict restrictions related to how many people can participate, usually the founding teams consist of 2–4 people. This is probably the optimal amount of participants per team, but we are flexible. If you have more team members, let us know and we’ll find a solution.

How is MEOM qualified to run a product accelerator?

We have been creating products as founders, and we have consulted dozens of companies on how to improve their products and find paying customers. Our accelerator gathers years of experience, trials and errors, into a compact program that helps product teams navigate the early days of productisation.

We are not a startup, can we participate?

Yes, you can. The target audience is startups, but we can accommodate established companies (turnover >2 million euros) that are at the beginning of their product business journey, as long as you can commit to the program and its requirements. However, the program will cost 10 000 € for established business, because we want to personally subside startups and help them get a leg up.

What does sales driven products mean?

Sales driven products generate revenue organically, meaning that customers pay for them directly. This usually means B2B-products and B2C-products that don’t rely on growing networks, monetising users by selling ads etc. They can be auxiliary monetisation methods, but the program aims at finding paying customers right after the launch. Freemium, trials, demos are obviously great possibilities.

Why does the program cost money when the majority of accelerators are free?

MEOM is a professional consultancy, and we do this for a living. Unfortunately, our program isn’t subsidized by taxpayer money, so charging is important for the viability of the program. We want to be as accessible as possible to startups, and that’s why we created the program.

We have international team members. What language will be used?

The official language of the accelerator is English and all materials, tools, workshops, and sparring session will be in English. If the team consists of Finnish speakers, we can have the sparring session in Finnish too.

Why are there so many customer interviews incorporated into the program?

The key to building a successful product, a product that your customers want, is to discover in depth insights in tandem with your clients. This happens by interviewing them, understanding their needs, and providing them with a solution that they find valuable. 

A constant dialogue, not a sales pitch, helps you to create a product that will fly off the shelves. You have to build a product for your customers, not for yourselves. Interviews keep you grounded and working on the right things. However, working closely with your clients doesn’t mean you have to build a custom product for every customer: your job is to take the data & feedback, turn it into insights and create value for the whole segment, not just single customers.

We can’t commit to 12-weeks. What are our options?

If you cannot commit to the whole program, but you need help, please contact us. The program topics outline how we can help you create a better product and validate your product idea. 

If the program has a theme week that is inspiring, but you’ve got the rest covered, consider purchasing access to an individual week or two. We are able to provide access to a few extra startups per week. The price for startups is 1499 €/week. Please contact us here for more details.

Do I have to continue working with MEOM after the program?

This is not a pyramid scam and we aren’t creating a vendor lock. Participating in the program doesn’t restrict you or obligate you to continue working with us in the future. We want to help product teams succeed, and that’s why we are providing this program.

On the other hand, we will be available after the program. This isn’t a one-off – this is our job. We are able to help in all things product: business, design, coding, marketing etc. After the program we can discuss about your needs.

When does the program start

The program starts on Monday 4.4.2022 and ends just before Juhannus. The last chance to apply is 27.3.2022. We will be screening all applications during the applying time so the earlier you submit, the more we will be thinking about you.

Apply for the next program

If you are interested in attending the program, please fill out the form or contact us about details.

Please fill in the required fields about your idea, team, and future roadmap.

Do you have any additional questions?

Karl Filtness
Product Accelerator Headmaster